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Pitney Bowes Corporate Blog

Insights from PB’ers into our solutions, technology and the Pitney Bowes culture.

Pitney Bowes Software Digital Insights

Pitney Bowes Executives discussing hot topics and current market trends that help organizations enable the lifetime value of their customers.


PB Software

Solutions to help organizations acquire, serve and grow their customers and increase their lifetime value and profitability.

Brilliant Communications

Customer-centric innovation for high volume print and mail professionals.

PB Ecommerce Solutions

Latest trends and best practices for online retailers wanting to expand their ecommerce presence globally.

PB Mail Solutions

Issues of importance to communications and messaging professionals, including new ways to enhance communication strategies, improve message delivery, gain operational efficiencies, and more.


USPS® News, Rules and Changes

USPS® hot topics including the latest news, regulatory changes, Intelligent Mail® requirements and cost saving strategies. Keep up-to-date on changes that impact mailers and how to leverage these changes to generate revenue, grow customers and reduce cost while staying compliant.


PB Talks Business UK Blog

Filled with expert advice, tips and industry news to help grow your small business into an effective brand.

PB Software UK

Discussing ways Pitney Bowes Software solutions help companies become more competitive and build lifetime customer relationships.

PB Software Deustchland

Der Fokus des deutschsprachigen Blogs von Pitney Bowes Software liegt auf der Darstellung innovativer Ideen zur Kundengewinnung und bindung mit hintergründigen Artikeln, Fakten und Expertenmeinungen.

PB Software Denmark

Denne blog publiceres af Pitney Bowes Softwares kontor i Danmark. Bloggen vil have omdrejningspunkt omkring nyheder, tips & tricks og generelle spørgsmål.

PB Software Benelux

Deze blog brengt het laatste Pitney Bowes Software nieuws, met de focus op de Benelux.

PB Software Finland

Tätä blogia julkaisee Pitney Bowes Software (ex. MapInfo) Suomen toimisto. Blogin tarkoituksena on julkaista asiakkaillemme mm. tuoteuutisia, käyttövinkkejä sekä muuta ajankohtaista asiaa.

PB Software Sverige

Denna blogg ger en lägesinblick i vår svenska verksamhet, främst inom området MapInfo-lösningar för geografiska analyser och presentaitoner.