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5 Offers your Customers would like to Receive in the Mail

by Candice Russell | May 4, 2012 | No Comments

Transactional statements are a great opportunity to cross sell and up sell to your customers, and Pitney Bowes solutions can help you personalize your statements, both on the inside and out. But, what offers would your customers actually like to receive in the mail?

 As our envelope personalization solutions gain traction in the market I have seen multiple implementations and ideas for envelope marketing. These offers can entice someone to expand the services they already purchase, or they can simply make consumers feel better about their provider and improve customer satisfaction ratings. Here are five types of offers that can hit the mark with consumers:

1.  Offers that give your customers a chance to renew important documents online

If you have set up the ability for your constomers or constituents to renew important documents online, don’t expect your customers to search and find these on their own—let them know about it right on the outside of the envelope! I have an excellent driving record, with no recent tickets and no accidents, and my license will expire next month. It would save me time if I could apply for my new license online—and I would be much happier if I could upload a photo that I actually like for the picture.

2.  Reminders about free services

My health insurance provider includes a free nurse that I can call at any time if I have questions or health concerns—many providers offer this service in their ongoing efforts to reduce overall costs by promoting better health. But, I wonder how many people actually know about this free service? A short envelope promo on a statement of benefits would definitely increase visibility, although in my case a free therapist might be a better fit.

3.  Thank you offers—Show some appreciation

A transactional statement is the perfect opportunity to show your customers that you appreciate their business. We purchase a lot of services from our cable provider, and I think a free Pay On Demand movie to celebrate Mother’s Day would be a great way to thank us for our business. It might also entice us to buy a few pay on demand movies in the future.

4.  Information about ways your customers can save money

Everyone wants to save money, but we don’t always have the time to search and find ways to do it. My personal story that Direct Mail really works is this: Last year we received a postcard which told us about a new Connecticut law which lets us choose where our energy actually comes from. We still use the same provider for last mile delivery, but since we acted on the offer our household electricity is now generated at a facility that uses 100% wind to create the power. I realize the actual electricity that goes into our house may not be from this facility, but I still feel better about the power that we do use and as an extra bonus, we now pay half of our prior rate for each kilowatt we use. If our utility company included a personal promo about this option on their envelopes (only for those households who have not yet opted for an alternate energy source), I would feel much better about them too!

5.  Offers that generate a response

Marketing and those responsible for Customer Satisfaction need to collect feedback from their customers, and there is no better way than with a quick survey. An offer on the outside of a transactional statement would generate a high response rate, especially if it is tied to a free drawing or giveaway. Believe it or not, I actually won an iPad by filling out a survey, and yes, you can never have too many iPads.

 Of course all of these offers would be most effective if both personalized and printed on the envelope in full, brilliant color. So, if you are at drupa this week and next, stop by our booth at Hall 04, stand 4C04 and see the new IntelliJet® Printing technology in action (now faster and stronger!), and learn how our Mailstream Wrapper™ can efficiently wrap your transactional statements with the high integrity needed for personalization. Or if you are using stock envelopes, our Print+ Messenger™ can print in full color with 100% variable messaging.

You are also always welcome to see our technology at our Global Technology Center in Danbury, CT, or our Customer Innovation Center in Shelton, CT—our doors are always open.

What is your favorite offer that you have received on an envelope, or what would you like to see? And better yet, what offers have you put on transactional envelopes that have driven more business for your organization? See what my fellow PB’er Carol Wallace has to say about the way she determines what type mail to read first, what to keep and what’s headed for the recycling bin. You’ll be surprised, or maybe not.

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