Alison Hall

Since 2001, Alison has served Pitney Bowes Presort Services as Sales and Account Manager, General Manager with Kansas City PBPS Operating Center, and recently, Director Client Services, Direct Mail Solutions. With over 20 year’s industry experience, Alison works directly with clients and internal teams to ensure excellent Client Relations, consistently high Client Loyalty and Retention, and innovative Direct Mail Strategies to support Direct Mail growth. Alison has been a regular industry speaker with MSMA and PCC in the local and regional Kansas City area and National Postal Forum. She brings her topics to life with energy and humor. Alison lives in Kansas City with her husband and two teenagers.

Articles by Alison Hall

Pass-Through Postage Pricing: The Secret to Achieving Cost Certainty

by Alison Hall | November 19, 2015 | No Comments

pass-through postage pricing

The Internet makes it easier than ever to shop around and look for the best price on a product, whether you’re a consumer buying a pair of shoes or a mail center employee seeking the best price on paper goods or printing capabilities. Shopping around is especially valuable in the latter scenario, as a focus […]