Gary Hennerberg

Gary Hennerberg is a nationally recognized direct mail marketing consultant. Using whole-brain analytic and creative skills, he has created blockbuster direct response programs that have exponentially improved response rates for clients across North America. Hennerberg began his career in traditional direct mail in 1978 and has been a marketing manager, copywriter and analyst. As a former marketing and product manager, agency executive, and now a sought-after consultant and creative director, Hennerberg integrates creative and analytic solutions with traditional print direct mail marketing and online channels. An author, speaker, strategist, copywriter and analytics pro, he founded Hennerberg Group, Inc. in 1992.

Articles by Gary Hennerberg

Production Cost Savings Tip: Where to Move the IMb

by Gary Hennerberg | July 1, 2015 | No Comments

intelligent mail barcode IMb

You know that the Intelligent Mail® barcodes (IMb) can bring significant postage savings – but are you aware that where the IMb is imaged can affect your production costs? Through testing and experience, working with numerous clients and several service bureaus, I’ve often used a specific style of outer envelope. It’s a colorful design that […]


It’s Not Magic: Why It Pays to Demystify Direct Mail Technological Capabilities

by Gary Hennerberg | June 4, 2015 | No Comments

direct mail technology

In my consultant/creative services director role, I’ve observed that service bureau owners, managers and salespeople spend lots of time explaining how new direct mail technologies work – but rarely much time on the “why,” by which I mean the many benefits they bring.  So I frequently end up translating the advantages and opportunities offered by […]


5 Ways to Be a Postal Optimization Superhero for Your Direct Mail Customers

by Gary Hennerberg | April 22, 2015 | No Comments

direct mail marketing

When we see the next (inevitable) USPS rate increase, you can expect at least one of these responses from direct mailers: Cuts in circulation volume Reductions in production value quality No change, they’ll just absorb the costs Improved optimization for postage discounts Which makes the most sense as a business decision? Why, it’s optimizing for […]


Improve ROI with These 3 Production Tips from Service Bureau Professionals

by Gary Hennerberg | April 6, 2015 | No Comments

direct mail ROI

You can get terrific ideas for increasing direct mail response from service bureau production companies. Why? Because service bureau salespeople see production from an entirely different angle than you do as a marketer. Working with a wide variety of direct mail clients and projects gives them insights that can be turned into selling ideas for […]


12 Signs You’re Working With a Great Direct Mail Service Bureau

by Gary Hennerberg | January 20, 2015 | No Comments

Successful Direct Mail Service

Technology is reinventing direct mail. Data is more relevant than ever, and printing presses pop out more colorful and personalized packages. Printing is more efficient, with postage discounts now accessible to mailers of any volume thanks to presort software and commingling. So how do you know if a direct mail service bureau is up-to-date, offers […]


10 Direct Mail Mistakes Even Pros Make

by Gary Hennerberg | December 4, 2014 | 2 Comments

Direct Mail Mistakes

One direct mail mistake nearly cost me my job. I was a product manager for a mail order continuity program. After stuffing tens of thousands of direct mail pieces for a time-sensitive mailing one Friday afternoon, the supervisor thought the reply envelope didn’t look right. He brought a sample package to me for inspection, and […]