3 Ways to Turn Compliance Changes into Business Opportunities

by Charlotte Boc |September 24, 2014|No Comments

regulations and compliance communications

Just when you think you have all the answers, someone comes along and changes the question. Dealing with compliance only becomes more complicated when you realize that it’s not uncommon for legislation to change with some frequency. Affected businesses will receive advance notice of an upcoming regulatory change, but if you’re not paying attention, these […]


Our Clients Success….26 Years and Counting!

by Lynda Hansen |February 4, 2014|No Comments

L&D at Print13

If you were to ask me the one thing I love about my job with Pitney Bowes Document Messaging Technologies, there would be no hesitation in my response – it is working with our clients!   I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity over the last 25 years to work closely with our clients […]


Banks improve customer experience with multichannel communications

by Patty Kustom |April 10, 2013|No Comments


The way businesses communicate with their clients is changing at a rapid pace. Online portals, mobile, aps, even social media are an integral part of today’s Customer Communications Management strategy.  Even with these new ways to communicate and transact business with clients, for many, mail remains an essential ingredient to their multichannel mix. For example, […]


Whether a Historic Blizzard or Marketing Campaign, Timing and Relevance is Everything

by Patty Kustom |February 8, 2013|No Comments


Batteries – check.  Firewood – check.  Charged computers, tablets and smart  phones  – check.  Gasoline in car – check. The 2013 Blizzard has the potential to be a historic storm that could bring two or more feet snow and strong winds to the Northeast.  Just how much snow and wind depends on the timing of the […]


7 Must Attend Customer Communication Industry Events to start 2013

by Candice Russell |February 1, 2013|No Comments


Today is the first day of February. Did any of your New Year’s Resolutions stick? If any of these resolutions made your list… Get out and have more fun Enjoy my job Earn more money …here are some excellent North American events that can make it possible for you to achieve your goals in 2013. […]


Defining Creepy: When does Big Data cross the line?

by Candice Russell |November 16, 2012|No Comments


Big Data is the popular new buzzword in marketing, and evolving technologies continue to give marketers the ability to understand and reach out to consumers in new ways. But how much personalization is too much? When does marketing cross the line between effective and scary? If consumers knew how hard it is to get a […]