Production Cost Savings Tip: Where to Move the IMb

by Gary Hennerberg |July 1, 2015|No Comments

intelligent mail barcode IMb

You know that the Intelligent Mail® barcodes (IMb) can bring significant postage savings – but are you aware that where the IMb is imaged can affect your production costs? Through testing and experience, working with numerous clients and several service bureaus, I’ve often used a specific style of outer envelope. It’s a colorful design that […]


Color Is Growing

by Christine Alexander |March 25, 2015|2 Comments

Direct Mail Color

“Oh my goodness, you guys have got to check out this very average looking postcard,” said no one ever. Everyone wants their mailings to be interesting and attention-grabbing and there are limitless ways to do that – but among the easiest, least costly and most effective is with color. Color is one of the most […]


Top 3 Direct Mail Trends for 2015

by Barb Pellow |December 23, 2014|No Comments

Direct Mail Marketing

The New Year is almost upon us, and direct mail marketing success in 2015 can be summed up in three simple words: Personalize, Mobilize and Automate. Let’s take a look at how you can work these top trends into your upcoming direct mail campaigns. 1. Personalize: Get Your Data Game On In today’s interconnected world, […]


Mobile Apps and Print: Getting into the Holiday Spirit

by Barb Pellow |December 12, 2014|No Comments

barb pellow image 1

It’s no secret that mobile marketing has already been recognized as a vital driver for the upcoming holiday shopping season, but it may surprise you that augmented reality (AR) might actually be at the heart of those direct marketing and catalog campaigns. AR takes objects, places them in the real world and adds a layer […]


Unlock the Value of your Communications

by Patty Kustom |August 29, 2013|No Comments

Unlock the Value

Companies rely on communications with clients to transact and grow their business.  Pitney Bowes has long been known for helping organizations communicate with their clients and prospects more efficiently, accurately and cost effectively.  Today, the same innovative technology that drives integrity, productivity and cost savings  can deliver even greater value across the business and build stronger […]


Top 5 Reasons to Attend Pitney Bowes Client Summit

by Candice Russell |May 3, 2013|No Comments

Pitney Bowes Client Summit 2013

Pitney Bowes Client Summit will be held June 4, 5 and 6 in Danbury and Shelton, CT. Client Summit is our largest annual event for our production level clients each year. In addition to being our largest event, I believe Client Summit is also our most thought-provoking event due to the broad mix of attendees—including […]