Print + Digital = Your Next Marketing Secret Weapon

by Christine Alexander |May 27, 2015|No Comments

print and digital marketing

What changes we’ve seen in our ability to communicate with customers over these past ten years! From direct mail and email to social media and websites, marketers now have access to an incredible array of tools for getting a message to their audience. But finding the perfect mix of media can be difficult, especially given […]


Do You Need a Marketing Technologist?

by Barb Pellow |May 19, 2015|No Comments

marketing technologist

Technology is at the heart of effective marketing today, now more than ever. The marketing outlook horizon is filled with game-changing technologies, as well as a variety of media channels, brands, and marketers that are attempting to reach consumers. Mobile devices, wearables, proximity marketing, and the demand for seamless and relevant cross-platform communications have quickly […]


Mobile Apps and Print: Getting into the Holiday Spirit

by Barb Pellow |December 12, 2014|No Comments

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It’s no secret that mobile marketing has already been recognized as a vital driver for the upcoming holiday shopping season, but it may surprise you that augmented reality (AR) might actually be at the heart of those direct marketing and catalog campaigns. AR takes objects, places them in the real world and adds a layer […]


How to Run a Multi-Channel Direct Mail Campaign That Rocks

by Spencer Powell |December 9, 2014|No Comments

You Rock

Multi-channel marketing. Talk about a term that’s been used over and over again for the last half decade. It’s a big buzz term on blogs and social media, but what does it actually mean? In this post, I’ll dive into how to create a successful multi-channel direct mail campaign. Starting with ZMOT First, it’s important to understand […]


LOOK HERE! Technology and Personalization for Improving Direct Mail Response Rates

by Christine Alexander |November 20, 2014|1 Comment

It's All About You

Personalization. It’s a buzzword you hear time and time again from marketers and those in the printing industry. What does that word even mean? Does it mean simply slapping a person’s name on a piece of mail and hoping that it boosts your response rates into the teens? Would that make you any more likely […]


Mail Meets Mobile: Physical, Digital Combine to Deliver Better Results

by Patty Kustom |September 23, 2014|No Comments

Mail Meets Mobile

After years of reports that print is on the decline – whether it’s in journalism, literature or marketing – could the tide finally be turning in the other direction? Prominent digital publishers like Politico are increasingly embracing print, by converting their online content to print formats. And then there were comments from Tim Waterstone, the […]