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What Data Can Be Used to Drive Personalization?

by Christine Alexander | June 2, 2015 | No Comments

marketing data personalization

More than two-thirds of marketing teams said that using data to get much more bang for their marketing buck is among their most important objectives, according to the Direct Marketing Association’s 2014 Statistical Fact Book. Let’s examine what information you can use to make a strong impression on your targets. Data You Probably Have But […]


Get Back to Banking: 3 Ways to Keep Customer Communications Compliant and Still Drive Revenue

by Charlotte Boc | November 17, 2014 | No Comments

Compliance Communications Banking

Like the Sword of Damocles, the issue of regulatory compliance is perpetually hanging over the heads of banking executives, particularly in the area of customer communications. It’s challenging enough to worry about general compliance. But when regulations change or new ones are introduced, the pressure to shift focus and comply with new, and additional, rules […]


The New Rude

by Ronald van Hees | November 28, 2013 | No Comments

The New Rude

In the business arena there is incredible pressure on companies to excel at customer service. How a business interacts and communicates with customers or prospects plays a critical role in maintaining customer satisfaction and generating growth. To quote a well-worn phrase ‘manners cost nothing’, and business etiquette plays a subtle yet important role in furthering […]


4 things a B2B marketer would like for Christmas

by Candice Russell | December 1, 2012 | 2 Comments


Dear Santa, I have been thinking long and hard about what I would like for Christmas. The economy hasn’t been very good for the past several years, so B2B marketing in many industries has been tougher than usual. Overall our customers have less money to spend to upgrade their technology—to the point that some of […]


Personalized communications in the news

by Candice Russell | August 17, 2012 | No Comments


In the past year our Pitney Bowes Document Messaging Technologies (DMT) marketing team—which I am proud to be part of—has spent time promoting what we call our “Volume to Value” message.  Instead of focusing on “speeds and feeds” (volume), we have spent time describing the benefits of making each customer communication more targeted and personalized […]


File based processing could be easier than you think

by Candice Russell | August 4, 2012 | No Comments

I recently attended a training class in which I was filmed in a variety of circumstances and then given personalized feedback on changes I could make to improve my executive presence. In the beginning the experience was completely demoralizing—I mean, who really wants to have their individual faults pointed out in a group setting? After […]