Chuck Cadle

A technology visionary, global entrepreneur, educator, author, and banker, Dr. Chuck Cadle is probably best known for his passionate leadership and advocacy for 21st century learning. He is CEO of Destination Imagination and draws upon an international background in teaching and training, innovative brand messaging and thorough financial analysis to drive strategic initiatives, facilitate sustainable growth and expand organizational capability.

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The Importance of Imagination, Creativity, and Ego-Strength to a Productive Organization

by Chuck Cadle | November 19, 2014 | No Comments

Creativity Imagination Ego-Strength Productivity

The author Edward de Bono, a renowned authority in creative thinking, once said: “Instead of a conversation which is really an argument where opinions clash with each other, and the best man or woman wins, a good conversation employs a kind of parallel thinking where ideas are laid down alongside each other. There is no […]