David Schwartz

U.S. Vice President, Sales, Pitney Bowes

David Schwartz is the Vice President of Sales for Digital Commerce Solutions where he is responsible for Pitney Bowes’ personalized interactive video solutions. In this capacity, he works with clients and enables organizations to deliver relevant and engaging interactions across the customer lifecycle increasing real customer lifetime value. David is the former co-founder and CEO of Real Time Content, the global leader in personalized interactive content, which was acquired by Pitney Bowes May 1, 2015. Prior to co-founding Real Time Content, Inc. he was with Randall-Reilly where he held a number of sales and marketing leadership positions. During this period he developed the concept of using a virtual sales presenter to conduct highly personalized and interactive product demonstrations on-demand. David began his career at Okuma America Corporation, a world-leading manufacturer of computerized numerical control (CNC) machine tools, where he conceived the power of and implemented integrated multi-channel personalized campaigns encompassing rich transactional data, geographic information systems, variable print and personalized URLs. Mr. Schwartz earned an MBA from Winthrop University and a BS from University of Dayton.

Articles by David Schwartz

#PowerofPrecisionChat: Breaking Through the Noise with Interactive Personalized Video

by David Schwartz | October 1, 2015 | No Comments

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Marketing today is becoming an increasingly crowded affair. On one hand, the total interconnectivity afforded by ecommerce, mobile devices and, slowly but surely, the Internet of Things affords customers and businesses alike more opportunities than ever to connect. Multichannel communications gives organizations more avenues for engaging with customers and enticing them with their products or […]