Jay Bartlett

Vice President, Digital Marketing & eCommerce

Jason Bartlett is Vice President of Digital Marketing and eCommerce at Pitney Bowes. Leading a global organization, responsibilities include transformation of digital marketing, including web, content, search, support and ecommerce. Prior to joining Pitney Bowes, Bartlett was with Xerox Corporation for 9 years managing global advertising and media, and most recently, leading global web, social and content marketing. Prior to Xerox, Bartlett was at Young & Rubicam and Ammirati Puris Lintas managing Xerox and General Motors accounts respectively. With over 15 years of experience across multiple marketing channels, Bartlett is a proven leader in transforming brands in today’s digital age. He has deep expertise in all forms of digital marketing and is a motivator for change within big brands. Follow on Twitter @jay_bartlett.

Articles by Jay Bartlett

3 Ways Top Companies Maintain Their Edge as They Scale

by Jay Bartlett | April 6, 2015 | No Comments


Consumers today have short memories. If a company can’t show them a product or service that saves them money, makes their lives appreciably easier or offers them a dramatically better experience, they’ll entertain the possibility of taking their business elsewhere. Look no further than the dazzling climbs of Netflix, Uber, Nest, Amazon and Tesla for […]