Manish Choudhary

Senior Vice President, Global Engineering & Managing Director, India Operations, Pitney Bowes

Manish is the Senior Vice President, Global Engineering, Pitney Bowes Inc., he is responsible for establishing and managing the complete range of operations in R&D for Pitney Bowes in various locations across the world including India, where he is also the Managing Director. He also leads the global R&D portfolio of high growth line of business – Digital Commerce, spearheading new initiatives and leading global engineering teams. He is also responsible for overseeing the delivery and execution of Pitney Bowes’ R&D, Global Professional Services and Support, based out of Noida and Pune.

Articles by Manish Choudhary

If you want innovation, you have to invest in people

by Manish Choudhary | July 13, 2015 | No Comments

People sitting around table drinking coffee with page showing idea and innovation graphic

“The lab or the factory. You work at one, or the other.” In his classic, succinct style, master marketer Seth Godin wrote this piece that sheds light on two types of work cultures – one that values creativity and is always pushing for the next big breakthrough; and the other that prizes reliability and productivity […]