Saul Fleischman

CEO of RiteTag and ScrapeLogo

Saul Fleischman is a lean startup founder, experienced in product design, business development and customer experience. He is the CEO of RiteTag and ScrapeLogo. A native of Philahelphia, Pennsylvania, he resides today in Osaka, Japan. Tweet him @osakasaul.

Articles by Saul Fleischman

Doing Business in A Connected World Can Require a Global Team

by Saul Fleischman | March 24, 2015 | 1 Comment


Growing up in Philadelphia, Saul Fleischman never dreamed he’d be running a global business—from Osaka, Japan. Of course, that was before all the technological advances connected the world, enabling people to run businesses from anywhere. The ability to do business in a borderless world, connected world often requires finding the right talent.  The search for […]