Steve Belkin

Director, Information Security

Steve has been Director, Information Security since July, 2010. In this role, Steve and his team are responsible for ensuring that Pitney Bowes’ global IT assets are adequately secured to meet the company’s legal/regulatory, client, and internal business needs. The Information Security team manages such areas as: access control, endpoint protection, network security, vulnerability management, database security, web filtering, and disaster recovery. Steve joined Pitney Bowes as Counsel in September, 2000 and has had various legal roles and responsibilities during his tenure there. His last position in the legal department was Assistant General Counsel, supporting various U.S. Mailing divisions and serving as the company’s privacy counsel. Steve holds a BA in History from the Johns Hopkins University and a J.D. from the University of Connecticut.

Articles by Steve Belkin

Shellshock Vulnerability: What You Need to Know

by Steve Belkin | October 23, 2014 | No Comments

internet lock

This year’s Heartbleed bug as well as the attacks that affected millions of retail store customers over the last year have made consumers even more conscious of how their personal data could be at risk. Not only are they turning to new solutions like Apple Pay and chip-and-PIN payment cards to protect their information, they’re […]


Pitney Bowes Addresses POODLE Vulnerability

by Steve Belkin | October 16, 2014 | No Comments

POODLE Vulnerability Cybersecurity

A new security vulnerability has been discovered by three Google security researchers, and while it’s not as far-reaching as recent major exploits like Heartbleed or Shellshock, Pitney Bowes has responded quickly to protect the security of our customers. In response to the discovery of the POODLE vulnerability, has disabled support of the SSL 3.0 […]