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Real-Time Location Intelligence Improves the Customer Experience

by Rick Bansal | June 18, 2014 | No Comments

SAPPHIRE NOW Location IntelligenceImagine a world in which customers enter a store and are immediately sent special, personalized offers on their cell phones.

By using location intelligence to make the shopping experience just a little better for customers, businesses win too—they gain customer satisfaction and loyalty, and improved financial performance, as well as lessen churn.

For retailers and consumer product companies who were early adopters, location intelligence has already made a difference. Qdoba Mexican Grill, for example, has seen a 40 percent redemption rate among mobile coupons delivered to customers during peak times. And that’s just the beginning of location intelligence’s potential.

During SAP’s SAPPHIRE NOW 2014 in Orlando earlier this month, Pitney Bowes joined representatives from Tata Consultancy Services to share the secrets behind its end-to-end Real Time Promotions Management platform (TCS RTPM). The RTPM solution is fueled by back-end interoperability between SAP’s Real-Time Data Platform and Pitney Bowes’ location intelligence solution Spectrum Spatial.

At the conference, TCS representatives Spandan Mahapatra and Vilas Sarangdhar shared that RTPM empowers retailers and consumer product companies with a 360-degree profile of each customer—insight into their buying history, demographic information and social media posts. In other words, retailers gain a gold mine of information they can use to become smarter about how they sell to customers.

Grassroots Demand for Location Intelligence

Within the RTPM platform, Spectrum Spatial’s role is to contribute location information, from the granular (customer movement displayed through in-store maps) to the macro (store location demographics). This information is what you need to make smarter, real-time business decisions.

Location intelligence is valuable to almost any company, no matter the industry.

SAPPHIRE NOW Location Intelligence

On the ground at SAPPHIRE NOW, we heard 40 different use cases that went beyond the classic retail and consumer products uses for location intelligence. It’s everything from agriculture, telecommunications, oil and gas, insurance, asset management, aerospace and defense, automobile manufacturing, and more.

Our partners at SAP understood the value of location intelligence. Their customers are saying “we need more spatial capabilities” and “we need more location intelligence capabilities, especially with respect to mobile.”

And what the customer wants, the customer gets. In time, it will be this demand that transforms location intelligence into a can’t-miss technology.

To learn more about Pitney Bowes Spectrum Spatial, read our product fact sheet or contact us to set up a demo.

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