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Why Geospatially Enabling Your Big Data is Good for Business

by Joe Francica | April 16, 2015 | No Comments

PB WorldWith the accelerating growth of mobile technology, the access to information for consumers – and businesses – has become virtually limitless. Statistics show that 80 percent of Internet users have a smartphone and 89 percent of mobile users’ time spent on media is through mobile apps.

As mobile app use has skyrocketed, the importance of capturing data from those devices has grown – and the door to new opportunities for businesses have opened. Location technology in particular has become key to streamlining the customer experience but also in capturing valuable feedback that businesses can use to provide better products and services. In fact, there are myriad mobile applications – like Uber and Lyft, for example – that rely on location-based information as the foundation that enables their company to compete against more established competitors. Taking these data and analyzing them quickly to discern true location intelligence is providing a unique competitive advantage.

Whether checking in on Facebook with friends, or stopping in at a restaurant for dinner, consumers are generating valuable data about their habits and preferences. Imagine a caffeine-hungry commuter walks into his local coffee shop to pick up his usual morning jolt. The minute he steps through that door, the coffee shop app recognizes his location, tabulates his past buying preferences and is ready to serve his regular soy latte.

All data that’s being captured around that transaction or experience is helping companies to better understand how products are sold, how to better merchandise stores and how to provide a better overall customer engagement experience.

It’s a discussion that will be front and center at SAP’s SAPPHIRE NOW 2015 conference in Orlando, Florida, May 5-7, 2015. Pitney Bowes will join SAP and thousands of attendees to dive into some of the big data challenges that companies are trying to solve and to help better understand the collision of the physical and digital worlds of commerce. Pitney Bowes and SAP will explore with attendees new ways to more deeply embed location technology throughout an enterprise and expose the inherent geospatial patterns in sales transactions, demographics, and other data to enhance the bottom line.

For businesses, location intelligence is integral to uncovering insights from both customer information and other data warehouses, and then creating actions from those insights. A business can discern not just what people are buying but “why” and “where,” like our friend at the coffee shop who likes his soy latte. Those insights can inform and ultimately improve how they engage with their customers.

It’s exactly what Pitney Bowes’ best-in-class Spectrum Spatial software solution provides when it is integrated with SAP HANA. Companies across all industries, including oil and gas, consumer goods, insurance and telecommunications, can use Spectrum Spatial and SAP HANA for real-time location intelligence to better understand their data and greatly improve their business analytics.

At SAPPHIRE, Pitney Bowes and SAP will discuss the best way to bridge that gap between technology and what the client needs. Those insights will help give businesses the absolute intelligence they need to retain their most loyal customers and attract new ones.

Be sure to book your appointment here to meet with a Pitney Bowes expert at SAPPHIRE NOW and see real-world demonstrations of Spectrum Spatial and SAP HANA in action. Or read more about how Pitney Bowes’ location intelligence capabilities can help benefit your business.

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