For Omnichannel Success, Retailers Must Embrace Location Intelligence

by Linda Mitchell |December 9, 2016|No Comments


Retail used to be a relatively straightforward industry. In the past, malls, town centers, and commercial districts would provide the primary point of contact between consumers and their preferred brands. Today, however, retail has become an omnichannel industry, allowing shoppers to interact with brands through any physical or digital channel that’s most convenient to them. […]


Digital Transformation: Identify, Locate, Communicate

by Manmohan Gupta |August 22, 2016|No Comments

Digital Transformation Identify Locate Communicate

Today’s generation of customers are more connected, to brands and each other, than ever before. They’re more informed about what they want, where they want to get it from and how they want to get it. Customers expect a mobile-first, omnichannel digital experience from brands. They adapt to new channels and new technologies at near-lightning […]


Calling all Developers: Join the GE Intelligent World Hackathon Challenge

by Jon Spinney |June 17, 2016|No Comments


APIs allow us to automate today’s physical-and-digital businesses, and breakdown once-siloed, disparate sources of information, communications, and commerce systems together to offer better-bound, faster, more efficient integration options. When we combine our collective ecosystem contributions together through cooperation, building on the spirit of open collaboration, we make it easier for everyone (especially our customers), and […]


New Location Intelligence APIs Enhance the Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud

by Kapil Dhawan |May 4, 2016|No Comments

Location Intelligence

Location intelligence (LI) gives organizations vital context that enables them to understand their customers and constituents on a variety of levels. This information can be as basic as a customer’s address or as complex as the tax rate of a larger municipality, granting important insight that can guide an array of business decisions. Pitney Bowes […]


MRR – A New Raster File Format

by Sam Roberts |April 26, 2016|No Comments


Pitney Bowes has developed a new raster data format called Multi-Resolution Raster (MRR) as a key component of the new MapInfo Pro Advanced raster visualization and processing solution. MRR is a completely new raster data format that reimagines how raster data is stored and what data can be stored as a raster. It is a […]


“Where” takes on the big data challenge

by Lorena Hathaway |March 31, 2016|No Comments


Everybody’s looking to add context to business decisions—but it’s not so easy.  By 2017, over 30% of enterprises will access big data via intermediary data broker services (Gartner).  However, a KPMG study found that 85% of CIOs and CFOs are still having trouble accurately analyzing and interpreting their existing data. Organizations need ways to link […]