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FAQs: Global Shipping Program (GSP) Parcel Processing

by Saad Alam | July 17, 2013 | Comments Off on FAQs: Global Shipping Program (GSP) Parcel Processing

Our article from last week on the Global Shipping Program (GSP) has received a ton of views and its clear that many of you have questions specifically about the parcel processing for GSP handled by Pitney Bowes. Well, we’ve heard you loud and clear and wanted to give you the answers! Below are the Top 5 questions and answers about parcel processing for GSP.


1. What type of packaging should the seller use to ship item(s) to the processing Center?

  • Sellers should choose a sturdy corrugated box
  • Use void fill to prevent movement of commodities, in transit
  • If commodity is fragile, wrap item with protective packaging, as needed


2. Will every parcel be opened at the processing center?

No, parcels are only opened if Regulatory Law requires due to:

  • Commodity lacks Country of Origin – commodity will be inspected for COO identification
  • Commodity lacks Country of Origin – commodity will be inspected for COO identification
  • Order is for multi quantity of a single commodity – quantity of contents of parcel will be verified
  • Order is for multi commodities – quantity of contents of parcel will be verified
  • US Customs and/or TSA may open parcels for Inspection after shipping from Processing Center


3. If my parcel’s order information contains: country of origin; is for only (1) commodity and is for a single item, will the Processing Center open my parcel?

  • Assuming your commodity is not restricted; the parcel will not be opened
  • If the commodity is restricted, the parcel will be opened for investigation


4. If my parcel is Shipped in Original Container (SIOC), will it be opened or repackaged?

  • Processing Center will not repackage a SIOC — such as an iPhone in a nested package
  • Processing Center may open for country of origin IF the COO is not visible on the outside of the SIOC


5. Will the Processing Center repackage, or add void fill to my commodity?

The Processing Facility will add professional void fill and/or repackage a commodity, for no additional fee to the seller, if:

  • The original parcel is too large for the commodity – and then a replacement carton will be used of smaller dimensions
  • The quality of the original parcel is worn or tattered the processing center will re-tape and reseal the parcel
  • The original parcel is overweight and the commodity can be repackaged into (2 or more) parcels, allowing parcels to ship forward to buyer

Thanks for reading! The GSP

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