How to Optimize Fulfillment for Omnichannel Ecommerce

by John Kruzan |December 15, 2016|No Comments

omnichannel fulfillment

What’s the most important quality of an effective omnichannel ecommerce experience? Your products. Customers will buy from you on any channel, unless they can’t find what they’re looking for, or have a hard time with shipping. So, if your mobile app offers a limited product catalog, or if it takes way too long for an […]


Key Considerations for Multi-Site Shipping

by Keith McCall |March 15, 2016|No Comments

enroute multi-site shipping

Many of our enterprise retail customers are challenged with how to optimize leveraging both their brick and mortar stores and warehouse locations for fulfilling product to consumers.  By being able to leverage multi-site shipping with UPS®, FedEx®, DHL®, or regional carriers across multiple sites, retailers are in an optimal position to meet varied objectives: satisfy […]


Understanding Where Your Customers Are Coming From

by Gregg Zegras |February 24, 2016|No Comments

international ecommerce

As anyone who travels internationally can attest, it can be quite startling to assimilate into an unfamiliar culture. From asking directions, to hailing at taxi, to ordering a cup of coffee, it can be a challenge adapting to the language, protocol and culture of a country that’s not your home. One of the most common […]


Where are you Growing? Key Markets for Global Ecommerce Expansion                             

by Jon Kapplow |January 27, 2016|No Comments

shanghai three

Ecommerce merchants need to constantly focus on finding new markets if they want to stay relevant. Online retailers are everywhere but the ones with true staying power don’t rely on the same established customer base to keep revenue on the upswing. Allowing competitors to establish a presence among an unmet demographic could spell trouble for […]


Ready for More: Four Key Focus Areas for Global Ecommerce in 2016

by Rachel Martin |January 4, 2016|No Comments

Global Ecommerce is poised to evolve significantly in 2016, building on trends from last year while going in entirely new directions at the same time.

Undoubtedly the biggest initiative in 2015 for the Pitney Bowes Global Ecommerce business was the acquisition of Borderfree. We were already in a great position to help retailers manage technological and physical requirements for cross-border commerce. But as our two businesses come together, the power of our combined capabilities is extraordinary.  What’s most exciting for […]


Opening the Global Ecommerce Doors for U.K. Retailers

by Gregg Zegras |October 1, 2015|No Comments

Do you know how to sell online and meet your global ecommerce goals?

The U.K. has long been one of the world’s premier hotspots for online exports and sales. In fact, on its own, it boasts the fifth-largest economy in the world and second-largest in Europe. With a recorded $3.1 trillion gross domestic product as of September 2015, the U.K. is enjoying one of its best periods of […]


The Complexity of Compliance in Cross-Border Ecommerce

by Craig Reed |August 19, 2015|No Comments

complexity compliance ecommerce

Online retail may still be relatively new to certain global markets, but in the United Kingdom, it’s practically second nature. Ninety percent of UK shoppers purchased something online in 2013, and the country is actually Europe’s top ecommerce market, according to Borderfree. These factors make the UK an intriguing target for global retailers who want […]


Growing Global 2015: Simplifying Cross-Border Retail

by Gregg Zegras & Jon Kapplow |August 5, 2015|No Comments

international globe with flags

From the smallest ecommerce merchant to the largest big box chains, retailers of all sizes and from all countries are starting to recognize the significant global ecommerce opportunity. We were excited to see many of these merchants at Growing Global 2015, which took place this July in sunny Hollywood, CA. BorderFree, a Pitney Bowes company, […]


Building Trust Through Technology at IRCE

by Marsha Collier |June 12, 2015|No Comments


It is always a special time when attending the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibits (IRCE). When I wrote my first book, eBay For Dummies, I suspected that ecommerce would be the wave of the future. When my Starting an eBay Business hit the top best seller lists, I was convinced. I have devoted most of […]


You’ve Got to Be “In It” to Win It Never Applied More #winning

by Marsha Collier |June 1, 2015|No Comments

Marsha Collier

After I graduated and entered the real world of advertising, my observances of the small business people taught me far more than a classroom ever could. There were those (no matter how great their customer service) who just couldn’t make a go of it. Others succeeded in ways which were a mystery to me. Dumb luck, […]