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Localization Consideration for Global Ecommerce: Money Talks

by Yuka Kurihara | February 15, 2017 | No Comments

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Localization is an important part to creating a great global ecommerce customer experience. Now that you’ve localized your customers’ name and address correctly, what else do you need to get right? Cha-ching! It’s the money!  If you are expanding your global footprint, it’s important to be aware that global consumers expect to handle transactions in […]


Evolving the Supply Chain for Anywhere-to-Everywhere Shipping

by Mike Graves | August 8, 2016 | No Comments

enroute multi-site shipping

The supply chain as we used to know it is gone. That’s changing the nature of shipping not only in the world of retail, but for a variety of businesses and industries. Change started, as it often does, with consumers. The instant gratification offered by online retail impacted shoppers’ expectations of speed of delivery. Forget […]


The Multifaceted Meaning of Omnichannel

by Rachel Martin | April 4, 2016 | No Comments


The term omnichannel has been around a long time but it seems like over the past several months it’s been picking up steam. It’s trendy and used in lots of ways but when you think about what it really means, it’s quite complex. As such, it can often spread sheer fear into retailers because meeting […]


Growing Global 2015: Simplifying Cross-Border Retail

by Gregg Zegras & Jon Kapplow | August 5, 2015 | No Comments

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From the smallest ecommerce merchant to the largest big box chains, retailers of all sizes and from all countries are starting to recognize the significant global ecommerce opportunity. We were excited to see many of these merchants at Growing Global 2015, which took place this July in sunny Hollywood, CA. BorderFree, a Pitney Bowes company, […]


Dispatch from IRCE 2015: An Education in Ecommerce

by Jennifer Bakunas | July 1, 2015 | No Comments

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Leaders in the ecommerce industry recently came together at the largest ecommerce event in the world, the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE), June 2-5 in Chicago. As a Silver Sponsor of IRCE, Pitney Bowes joined more than 10,000 trailblazers from across the industry to dive in to discussions around  best practices for growing online […]


Breaking the Barriers of Shipping at IRCE

by Jennifer Bakunas | May 19, 2015 | No Comments


For many businesses, that age-old adage “the customer is always right” still rings true. But in the increasingly complex world of retail shipping, it’s easier than ever for businesses to get it wrong. With more digital channels at their fingertips, more customers to answer to, and more data to manage, the opportunities for a possible […]


International eCommerce: Getting It Right, Every Time

by Craig Reed | May 6, 2015 | No Comments


Selling internationally can be daunting for any retailer. As the range and number of digital devices has soared, customer expectations for instant gratification and more personalized service have followed suit. By expanding beyond domestic operations and tapping into a global customer base, retailers gain a significant revenue stream opportunity. According to eMarketer, this year global business-to-consumer […]


Redefining the Customer Experience at Magento Imagine

by Craig Reed | May 4, 2015 | No Comments

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I had the pleasure of attending the fifth annual Magento Imagine conference in Las Vegas, April 20-22, joining some of my Pitney Bowes colleagues and more than 2,400 commerce experts to network, exchange ideas and build relationships. It was a jam-packed three-day event with merchants, partners, developers and who’s who of the commerce world coming together […]


Transformations in Global eCommerce

by Craig Reed | April 16, 2015 | No Comments


Some of us may remember Steve Jobs’ memorable interview with Wired in 1996 where he predicted the future power of global eCommerce. It’s “going to be huge,” Jobs said. But just how huge, he could not have known. A report from eMarketer indicates that retail eCommerce sales worldwide are expected to rise to nearly $1.6 […]


10 Free (or Nearly Free) Resources for Exporting Your Product or Service

by Laurel Delaney | March 30, 2015 | No Comments


One of the first things I ask a prospective client is whether he or she has utilized any of the free online resources that help companies export. What’s the standard response? “There are resources?” Here is my shortlist to getting free (or nearly free) help on exporting. 1. The U.S. Export Assistance Centers (EAC) The U.S. […]