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Open House Checklist: Connect with Customers Face-to-Face

by Janet Granger | April 23, 2015 | No Comments

Open House Customers

Let’s face it: we just see a lot fewer faces in our day-to-day business dealings than we used to. Phone, email, social media and teleconferencing technology have changed how companies interact with their customers, and vice versa. Even brick-and-mortar powerhouses have been forced to go digital and move some of their commercial activity to the […]


Customer Service: Managing the Customer Experience

by Rieva Lesonsky | April 21, 2015 | No Comments

Customer Experience

“Customer experience” is rapidly becoming a business buzzword—and for good reason. In an era when customers have myriad choices for where to do business, the experience customers have with your company is becoming as much a brand differentiator as your product or service itself. Customer experience encompasses every way the customer interacts with your business […]


Small Business Automation: How to Fix the ‘Too Many Hats’ Problem

by Janet Granger | April 16, 2015 | No Comments

Small Business Automation

Small business owners: let’s talk about your wardrobe. How many hats do you wear each day? Some mornings, you may wake up and fire off a few tweets through your company accounts over your coffee. Then, before you even have a chance to take off your social media marketer hat, you’re on the phone with […]


Marketing to a Mobile Audience

by Britt Michaelian | April 13, 2015 | No Comments

Marketing to a Mobile Audience

Mobile is now most often the first screen consumers go to for media consumption. Whether reading the news, checking email, engaging in social media or looking for a great restaurant to eat at, consumers are using their mobile devices to make decisions. Are your marketing efforts focused on reaching your audience on mobile? If not, […]


10 Sales Technologies That Make Your Small Business Look Big

by Scott Steinberg | April 8, 2015 | No Comments

Small Business Sales Technologies

Contrary to popular belief, small businesses looking to attract bigger clients, to land bigger deals, and to collect bigger fees don’t actually have to invest in bigger and more expensive advertising or promotional campaigns. Consider, instead, putting some thought into how you might dress your business for success so that it looks like one that […]


Run Simple: How the Cloud and Mobile are Changing the Global Economy

by Meaghan Sullivan | April 2, 2015 | No Comments

Cloud and Mobile Global Economy

Doing business globally is easier than ever due to technologies like cloud computing and mobile. Both are key contributors to connecting businesses with one another, with suppliers, vendors, partners and customers—no matter where they are in the world. Using these technologies has also enabled businesses of every size to market and sell to every corner […]


4 Super Simple Marketing Tactics to Turn One-Time Customers into Repeat Business

by Nellie Akalp | March 31, 2015 | No Comments

Repeat Customers

We all know that it’s better to have our existing customers buy from us again and again than to spend the effort trying to get new customers. But the question is, how can we do that? These four strategies are easy to implement, and will boost your bottom line, whether you sell online or in […]