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3 Reasons to Cross-Sell Using Transpromo Marketing

by Janet Granger | April 23, 2012 | No Comments

integrated marketing - compassEvery business is well aware the old sales adage: it’s easier to win business with current customers than
with new ones. The trick is finding ways to do that cost-effectively.

One highly successful cross-sell approach is transpromo marketing, where you include cross-sell
messages and offers on existing customer mail components that are not primarily produced for
promotional purposes (such as invoices, statements, or other “transactional” mail pieces).

What makes this possible is the latest transpromo marketing technology, which allows you to print virtually any marketing message or image, in color, on any mail component, including an envelope. With transpromo technology, a simple bill or statement becomes a flexible, highly affordable marketing communications medium.

Why consider an investment in transpromo marketing technology for your business?

3 Reasons to Cross-Sell Using Transpromo Marketing:

1. Transpromo Messages Get Read

One of the most compelling reasons to use transpromo marketing is the high probability that
the message will be seen. According to recent studies, 83% of people open and read their mail
right away when it is non-promotional and appears to be a statement, invoice or important
information from a company with which they have an existing relationship. When your
customers recognize the mail as something they need to open, they will also see your tailored
up-sell message in full color.

2. Transpromo Marketing Saves Money

Some messages don’t require a separate mail package in order to be effective. Taking advantage of transpromo marketing can greatly reduce production, mailing and overall marketing expenses in a number of ways:

  • Transpromo messages allow companies to up-sell and cross-sell products without the cost of an additional mailing. Transpromo messaging can actually take the place of certain mail campaigns, allowing you to communicate frequently with customers while saving thousands of dollars in production and postage costs.
  • Transpromo printing technology is easy to use and can be brought in-house to negate outside vendor and production expenses.
  • Mailing fewer direct mail campaigns and reducing production costs with in-house printing allows businesses to maintain and even increase messaging opportunities with customers, even with a much smaller marketing budget.
  • Quality transpromo mail systems can print up-sell messages and images in color on an envelope at the same time as your postage, for maximum production efficiency.
  • Transpromo printing on envelopes can also be done with regular, high quality printers.

This saves on the cost of high volume orders for pre-printed windowed envelopes – key when there are multiple departments involved, long lead times, or large print runs for each envelope design or desired marketing message.

Avoiding the need for pre-printed window envelopes and other components also saves days and even weeks in production and shipping times. Any business that sends invoices knows that the quicker the invoice gets to the customer, the sooner it gets paid. By printing envelopes on an “as needed” basis, receivables are turned into revenues more efficiently— a smart business practice, as money doesn’t work for you until you receive it and can’t earn interest until it is in the bank.

3. Transpromo Marketing Offers Data-Driven Variability for Tailored Messaging

The same equipment and technology that provides transpromo capabilities can also handle the data processing necessary to segment target audiences. Once data preferences are identified by segment, personalized communications can be generated. When transpromo cross-sell and up-sell messages are tailored to individual customer preferences, the response rates are substantially higher than a generic message delivered to all audiences.


Another Reason to Look at Cross-Promo Technology?

Revenue! Once transpromo printing is part of the marketing mix, businesses are able to communicate with, and offer cross-sell opportunities to customers more frequently—even with fewer mail campaigns and fewer vendors. It’s easy to see how revenues can quickly grow when a company is spending less and promoting its products more! The small investment up front is easily worth the long-term marketing benefits, because once you have the equipment in-house, you can print unlimited up-sell and cross-sell messages at almost no cost.

Transpromo Marketing: What’s Next?

To learn more about transpromo marketing, download our article Grow Revenues with Transpromo Marketing .

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