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A 5 Step Guide to Integrated Marketing

by Janet Granger | April 28, 2014 | No Comments

integrated marketing - compassAn effective direct mail strategy can provide numerous benefits to any business, but incorporating your direct mail efforts with other marketing strategies can multiply their effectiveness.

Here are 5 helpful articles to guide you through the process of creating an integrated marketing strategy:

1. Three Key Trends for Social Media in the Mailing Industry

Social media and digital communications aren’t just trends, they’re here to stay, so it’s important to start thinking about digital when it comes to your mail solutions.

To help you incorporate digital aspects in your mailing solutions, this webinar answers burning questions, such as:

  • What’s the 2nd largest search engine, after Google?
  • What is “augmented reality” and how is it relevant to mail?
  • What does gamification mean and why should I care?
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2. How Does Direct Mail Fit the Integrated Marketing Mix of Your Company?

This article by imageMEDIA discusses how direct mail is the fastest and most efficient way to boost awareness of your business in a targeted way. However, to truly optimize the outcome of your promotional activities via the customer’s mailbox, you might also consider investing in some additional lead nurturing initiatives, which will build a strong foundation for long-lasting customer relationships.  Integrating direct mail into the overall marketing mix of your company can help you take advantage of its full potential.

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3. The Power of Integrated Marketing

For some businesses, keeping marketing strategies relevant and effective in the digital age can seem overwhelming. But for a savvy marketing professional, having all these channels available represents an unprecedented opportunity for:

  • complete multi-channel marketing integration
  • ongoing brand building
  • highly targeted messaging
  • higher response rates
  • more loyal customers
  • most importantly, increased revenues

This article discusses several multi-channel synergizing strategies and tactics.

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4. Online & Mobile Elements Your Direct Mail Should Include: Augmented Reality

As the technology behind mobile and online platforms has evolved and expanded, there have also been some innovative developments in direct mail technology. Many new uses are being devised for mobile devices and tablets and Augmented Reality is one of them.

This article discusses how Augmented Reality combines the online and direct mail world and can exponentially increase the success of your direct mail campaign.

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5. Direct Mail Plus Email Improves ROI

Industry studies suggest that marketing campaigns integrating e-mail with physical mail produce a significantly higher overall return on investment (ROI) than isolated e-mail or direct mail campaigns. This article discusses several factors that contribute to the favorable cost-benefit ratio produced by integration.

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Integrated Marketing: What’s next?

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