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3 Eye-Catching Envelope Designs to Inspire Your Direct Mail Campaign

by Janet Granger | October 9, 2014 | No Comments

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much might an attractively designed mailer be worth to your business? An attention-drawing envelope could be the key to separating your marketing mailer from the pack and driving a better return for your campaign.

On average, a piece of direct mail can hold a reader’s attention for up to three minutes. But by packaging their message in generic envelopes, many businesses are missing an easy opportunity to encourage consumers’ eyes to linger on their message.

Direct marketers and advertisers have long found images to be an effective way to convey messages and evoke customer interest. In fact, 89 percent of consumers say they’re more likely to open a piece of mail with color graphics on the front compared to one without any design.

So how do you incorporate striking imagery into mailers? We’ve collected some of our favorite examples of interesting envelope design – ranging from simple to daring – to spark your imagination.

Incorporate Your Logo

If you have an identifiable company logo, consider including it on all outgoing envelopes. It’s an easy but effective way to distinguish your advertising in a pile of mail, especially if your branding is already very striking.

Designer Jack Muldowney of Chicago created an attractive set of collateral for The Katie Boyce Company, including plain white envelopes with the firm’s logo embossed on the seal flap and stamped in green ink on the front.

Though simple, the design is distinctive because it prominently incorporates the company’s sharp green-and-white motif. When you receive a letter from The Katie Boyce Company, you’ll instantly know who it’s from.

Attractive envelope design Katie Boyce Company Envelope design Katie Boyce Company

Brand Your Envelopes

You might choose to take mail design one step further by making your branding even more prominent. That’s what Crossfit Collingwood, a gym in Melbourne, Australia, did with the help of graphic designer Nebojsa Matkovic.

Matkovic designed an array of branded collateral for Crossfit Collingwood, including buttons, pens, business cards, stickers and letterhead. Also on the docket was a clean white envelope with the gym’s distinctive bullhead logo splashed across the entire front left half.

The seal flap is colored dark gray – evoking Crossfit Collingwood’s color palette – and includes bold letting with the gym’s name and address. As an added touch, Matkovic even branded the inside flap of the envelope with a pattern that mixes crisscrossed lines and a blocked letter “C”.

Attractive envelope design Crossfit Collingwood Attractive envelope Crossfit Collingwood


Get Creative

If you really want to think outside the box, you could brand the entire envelope with a creative design. Design studio Bella and Bloom has created a number of attractive pieces of collateral for their clients, but we particularly like the stationery they designed for the life coach Patti French.

From front to back, the entire envelope is adorned with faint gray lines patterned as triangles across a white background, and the company’s red-and-orange logo is featured prominently in the return address area. The triangle pattern borrows from the company’s website design, also created by Bella and Bloom.

While this particular design may not suit your corporate style, it does demonstrate that an envelope can be the perfect canvas for eye-catching art. When you start thinking creatively about how to distinguish your mail, the possibilities to attract customers’ attention are endless.

Patti French envelope design

A note of caution: Even though there is considerable opportunity to create visually striking mail pieces, some envelope designs may not be as postal “machine-friendly” as others. The color or shape of your envelope, improper address placement and even the placement of your return address can all create problems for the USPS. Envelopes that are not “machine-friendly” can be delayed, and certain designs and shapes can cost significantly more to mail. Be sure to contact a mail design expert early in your design process to be sure the newly designed envelopes will meet your delivery and cost objectives.

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