Overcoming Shipping Challenges at Campus Mail Centers

by Stephanie Benedetto |January 4, 2017|No Comments


University and college campus mail centers, at first glance, seem simply like extensions of their school, just like any other department, albeit not an academically-focused one. The truth is, these mail centers are less like a university department and more like their own small business. After all, they act independently of the school; cater to […]


The Shipping Conundrum for Campus Mail Centers

by Stephanie Benedetto |December 12, 2016|No Comments


Do you remember what your campus mail center looked like when you were in college? If it seemed like it was overflowing with piles of boxes stacked up on shelves, in corners and on table tops, you’re not the only one. College and university campuses can span up to hundreds, if not thousands, of acres, […]


Why Has Sending Gotten So Complicated?

by Chinny Ogbuagu |August 15, 2016|No Comments


Business and office shipping has never been a completely simple task, particularly if you’re a small business without any kind of centralized mailroom running things. But, doesn’t it seem like it has grown even more complex over the last several years? Why has sending become so complicated? The answer, appropriately enough, is a complicated one, […]


Sent With Love: A Valentine’s Day Shipping Primer

by Janet Granger |February 2, 2016|No Comments

Valentine's Day gift

What are you getting for your loved one this Valentine’s Day? Roses? Chocolates? Jewelry? Unless you count yourself among the group that dismisses Valentine’s Day for not being a “real holiday,” odds are you’ll be spending the next week – if you haven’t done so already – scrambling for some last-minute shopping ideas on how […]


The 2015 Holiday Shipping Season: A Post-Mortem

by Janet Granger |January 19, 2016|No Comments

Gift Box Red Bow

How was your holiday season? Did you get a chance to relax, eat too much food and spend time with your loved ones? Or, like many businesses and shippers around the country, were you working around the clock to make sure your customers’ last-minute gifts were out the door as quickly as possible? The U.S. […]


On-Demand America: The Rise of Same-Day Delivery and Near-Instant Gratification

by John Kruzan |December 9, 2015|No Comments

Shipping Warehouse

We live in an on-demand society. Buying today is as easy as clicking or tapping an app on your phone and then waiting mere minutes for the service to show up right to your doorstep, whether it’s food from GrubHub or rides from Uber. And with the technology taking care of the supply side of […]


How to End the Lost-Package Panic and Make Shipping More Predictable

by Janet Granger |October 8, 2015|No Comments

End-to-End Package Tracking

Anyone who buys online today demands immediacy, whether that’s an order confirmation within minutes of clicking “confirm order” or arrival of their shipment within a day or two. Buyers also demand end-to-end tracking of packages. Popular blogs provide zealous new iPhone owners with directions on how to track their pre-orders using live flight tracking. Virtual […]