Overcoming Shipping Challenges at Campus Mail Centers

by Stephanie Benedetto |January 4, 2017|No Comments


University and college campus mail centers, at first glance, seem simply like extensions of their school, just like any other department, albeit not an academically-focused one. The truth is, these mail centers are less like a university department and more like their own small business. After all, they act independently of the school; cater to […]


The Shipping Conundrum for Campus Mail Centers

by Stephanie Benedetto |December 12, 2016|No Comments


Do you remember what your campus mail center looked like when you were in college? If it seemed like it was overflowing with piles of boxes stacked up on shelves, in corners and on table tops, you’re not the only one. College and university campuses can span up to hundreds, if not thousands, of acres, […]


3 Reasons Why Legal Can’t Ignore Shipping Problems

by Stephanie Benedetto |November 2, 2016|No Comments


Law firms have more than enough work on their plates to deal with – from meeting clients to legal discovery to preparing court documents to actually appearing in court. At what point in that schedule can anyone possibly have time to think about their firm’s shipping processes? But, that’s exactly the problem – if you […]


3 Trends that Reveal Small Business Tech Strengths, Weaknesses

by Chinny Ogbuagu |September 27, 2016|No Comments


Today, it seems like there’s always some new app, device or service coming out on a regular basis to solve a problem you may not have even known you had. So, it should come as no surprise that businesses of all sizes are incorporating these kinds of solutions to create a smarter, more mobile workforce […]


Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen: Decluttering Today’s SMB Office Manager Assignments

by Chinny Ogbuagu |August 29, 2016|No Comments

Chefs kitchen

Your title may change from one business to the next – office manager, secretary, receptionist, office administrator, administrative assistant – but what doesn’t change is the job itself, and the role it serves the company as a whole. Office managers are often held up as the glue that keeps the whole operation together, and it’s […]


Why Has Sending Gotten So Complicated?

by Chinny Ogbuagu |August 15, 2016|No Comments


Business and office shipping has never been a completely simple task, particularly if you’re a small business without any kind of centralized mailroom running things. But, doesn’t it seem like it has grown even more complex over the last several years? Why has sending become so complicated? The answer, appropriately enough, is a complicated one, […]


eRR is a Cost-Efficient, Greener Return Receipt Solution to Paper-Based Certified Mail® Green Cards

by Tom Hazel |August 9, 2016|No Comments

Office desktop computer

Return Receipts for USPS® Certified Mail® have long been integral to how senders track and process outgoing important mail pieces. Since 1955, USPS has used its “Green Cards” for this purpose: Providing a paper trail that allows senders to confirm delivery, specifically who it was delivered to, the date of delivery and the recipient’s signature […]