3 Key Takeaways from the Postal Service’s May Rate Changes

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USPS April Rate Change

  Here’s a look at the different parts of the USPS May 31, 2015 rate change, and what it means for you: 1. Mailing Services What has changed? Mailers who use postage meters, PC postage, permit imprint and pre-cancelled stamps, as well as those who presort their mail, receive a half-cent discount on their retail postage […]


What Will the Postal Service of the Future Look Like?

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U.S. Postal Service

For an institution that’s been around since the Revolutionary War – Ben Franklin served as the first postmaster general back in 1775 – the United States Postal Service seems poised to make big steps this year to move away from its past and deliver improved service to customers. The first aspect is around shipping and […]


[WEBINAR] How Do These 4 Shipping and Postal Changes Affect Me in 2015?

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January 2015 Calendar_featured

In its 237-year history, the United States Postal Service has never been as busy as it was this past holiday season. On December 15, the USPS delivered a record 27.9 million packages. That single-day record lasted all of one week, until the agency delivered 28.2 million packages on December 22. In all, the USPS delivered […]


[WEBINAR] New Year, New Resolutions for Shippers in 2015

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2015 New Year's Resolution shipping

The holiday season is quickly approaching, which means shippers likely have their eye on the prize – all those packages waiting to be shipped out. But, with a host of shipping changes on the horizon for the start of 2015, businesses need to ensure they’re looking past the holidays toward the New Year as well. […]


[WEBINAR] Save on Shipping in 2015 – One Teddy Bear at a Time

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Let’s imagine you run a toy store and you’re using UPS to ship a teddy bear from New York City to a customer in Chicago for the holidays. That teddy bear will cost you approximately $7.17 to ship today. Now imagine you’re a bit behind on your holiday orders and you send that same teddy […]


3 Benefits of the New Priority Mail® Pricing in September, 2014

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USPS Priority Mail September 2014

The United States Postal Service’s® changes to Priority Mail® rates, scheduled to take effect September 7, 2014, are designed to make Priority Mail a more competitive service. First, Commercial Base and Commercial Plus prices are going down, to benefit higher volume users. However, since some Retail pricing is increasingly slightly, Priority Mail prices will “average” a […]


Seeing is Believing: Enhanced Shipping Visibility with IM®pb (Upcoming Webinar)

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IMpb Shipping

In this age of constant connectivity, there’s a never-ending stream of information: from consumers “checking in” to new locations online to real-time updates over every social media outlet under the sun. So why should anyone be in the dark on their shipped packages?  With the USPS® Intelligent Mail® Package Barcode (IM®pb), they don’t have to […]