Streamlining Shipping and Receiving Can Alleviate Legal’s Cost Crunch – Here’s How

by Stephanie Benedetto |November 30, 2016|No Comments


At first glance, the legal market may not seem like an area that is strapped for cash. Hollywood-ized versions of the legal profession, seen in movies and procedurals on TV, look glamorous and overflowing with more resources than they could possibly need. But, as legal professionals well know, the reality is that law firms struggle […]


Streamline Costs, Complexity with a Sending Audit

by Patrick Brand |January 25, 2016|No Comments

Business Man Pondering Charts Graphs Data

Now that January 17th has come and gone, the new wave of USPS® rate changes for 2016 has gone into effect. It’s a subject we’ve covered extensively before, but bears repeating for the potentially significant impact it can have on a small business’ mailing and shipping bottom line. With an average 9.5 percent rate increase […]


How to Ship Internationally and Still Save Money

by Marsha Collier |May 11, 2015|1 Comment

International Shipping

When businesses are growing and succeeding, there always seems to be a similar barrier: expanding globally. I’ve worked with more business owners than I can count who just don’t want to go the extra mile (pun intended) and expand their markets internationally. There are various reasons entrepreneurs hesitate before taking the global leap. For one, […]


How to Cut Costs on the Certified Return Receipt by Going Electronic [Watch Webinar]

by Janet Granger |April 14, 2014|No Comments

cut costs with certified return receipt - mouse attached to folder

On April 8th, 2014 from 2:00 – 2:30PM ET, we hosted the webinar Certified Return Receipt – Go Electronic to Cut Costs. We discussed how to transition from the familiar “green card” Certified Return Receipt to an electronic process and how Pitney Bowes’ SendSuite solution set can help make that transition happen. Going electronic with each Certified […]


How to Cut Costs On The Certified Return Receipt By Going Electronic [Upcoming Webinar]

by Janet Granger |March 31, 2014|5 Comments

laptop with binders sticking out - certified return receipt

For mailers who must use Certified Return Receipts, those “little green cards” are both expensive to use and a lot of work. There are manual labor costs in sending them out, getting them back in, filing them, and even retrieving them when needed. The process can be both time-consuming and inefficient. And it now costs $2.70 […]


USPS Mailing Technology Promotions: What to Expect In 2014 (Part 2)

by Janet Granger |March 24, 2014|No Comments

usps rate changes - bag of mail

As we noted in an earlier article on this topic, it’s time to take advantage of the USPS® mailing technology promotions for 2014 if you haven’t started to already. To help guide you through this process, this second half of a 2-part article discusses the 2014 mobile technology promotions, how technology drives relevance, and how […]


3 Things We Learned at National Postal Forum 2014 This Week

by Janet Granger |March 19, 2014|No Comments

stronger together

As many of you know this year the National Postal Forum took place in National Harbor, Maryland, where the mailing industry gathered not only to discuss the new U.S. Postal Service requirements, but also ways to innovate and take the mailing industry to new levels, like integrating physical and digital mail for example. For the past 4 days […]