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by mbishop | March 11, 2009 | No Comments

Earlier in the year I decided I would take a look at the latest hot “social notworking” site twitter. With the likes of Steven Fry among its avid fans, it must have something going for it. In some respects the jury is still out, although one of the free london magazines last week had a front page headline of “How Twitter took over the world”. An exaggeration perhaps, but further proof that it is growing as a way of communication. The iPhone brigade have a choice of applications to tweet from as it becomes a “must have” application.

Last week I watched Luke Razzell and Steven Feldman give a very entertaining presentation on social networking and location. As Steven is pushing another session on March 19th I won’t give the game away as for his conclusions. However the concerns are all there. For something like Twitter where it can now georeference each tweet, then someone really can follow you on twitter – and not in a good way. Perhaps it is one of those, because you can, does not mean you should. However on the plus side I now get a tweet from people using the train lines I commute on, which in SW trains means I know how late its going to be before I leave the house.

From a business perspective it is a case of, does it add value to solving our problems, and can location aid in that process? I certainly don’t have the answer, but in the meantime we’ve added a Stratus feed (which soon will be linked to the blog) so feel free to follow us – virtually at least –


And if you can catch Luke and Steven on the 19th I can recommend it. Details on Stevens blog

Chris M.

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