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Minimize Bad Data to Maximize Your Business

by Andy Reid | August 24, 2015 | No Comments

Good data has never been more critical to a business’ operations. It’s the key to capturing and keeping customers – and identifying prospects for future growth. But, with the influx of channels in this digital age – from websites to social media, on top of the traditional direct mail and contact centers – businesses are now challenged more than ever to keep track of the wave of data, and prevent that good data from going bad.

No matter how sophisticated your customer relationship management (CRM) systems are, if there is inaccurate or duplicate data in the system, it is guaranteed to uproot that entire process.

Such was the case for Schwan’s Home Service, the home delivery business of The Schwan Food Company, which needed to manage thousands of customer records coming into their system each day. Given the increase in number of customer touch points, it was becoming increasingly common for the system to be overwhelmed by duplicate customer records, thus creating bad data.

By implementing the right CRM and customer engagement solutions, Schwan’s was able to combine multiple lists into a single customer record, thus reducing the duplicate data gathered by handheld devices in the field. That has resulted in efficiency improvements across sales, order fulfillment, and even out in the field.

Like Schwan’s, every business has the opportunity to make similar changes to maximize their customer data and have a clearer, 360-degree view of customers. There are solutions available to help make marketing and sales teams smarter, by capturing data that represents every client interaction and are stored in one place, for a single, consistent view of operations across the entire organization.

Here’s how you can maximize your CRM and customer engagement effectiveness with cleaner, de-duplicated customer data.

Gain a 360-Degree Customer View

Duplicate, incomplete information, and even false information, are all common issues organizations face when collecting customer data. Such bad data results in a fragmented view of a business’ customers, which in turn, can result in a poor experience on the customer’s end.

With the right data quality and engagement solutions, a clean, enriched and ultimately complete view of your customer data can radically change your organization’s ability to understand prospects and customers, and enable you to be more agile and responsive in your customer approach.

Boost Brand Reputation

A more complete customer view goes hand-in-hand with a better brand reputation. It only takes one poor customer experience resulting from bad data to destroy a reputation a company has spent extensive time and money building.

By implementing solutions to create a more accurate, holistic view of customers, sales and marketing teams will be empowered to deliver a better customer experience that will continue to build a strong brand reputation with both customers and prospects, and also maximize their opportunities for growth.

Maximize Cross-Selling

Without the right CRM and customer engagement solutions in place, different areas of an organization can fall into a pattern of operating independently and with blinders on. These organizational and technological silos can wreak havoc on the customer journey, especially if it means that bad data is going unnoticed and seeping into different areas of the system.

By implementing solutions to create one big picture of each and every customer, businesses can help unify their planning and collaboration across the sales and marketing teams. That opens up the door for greater cross-selling and upselling opportunities throughout the organization, which can mean good news for the company’s growth and bottom line.

Elevating Your Customer Engagement

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