How Insurance Brands Can Break Through with EngageOne Video

by Rich Ward |June 1, 2016|No Comments

Insurance Policy

Insurance professionals face a uniquely challenging position. Their job is to sell a customer on a worst-case scenario and spend money now in the event that scenario happens in the future. Getting any kind of a conversion is a success in its own right, but managing to convince people of the need to prepare for […]


EngageOne Video and Customer Engagement in the Financial Services World

by Karen Hansell |May 16, 2016|No Comments

Mobile banking

Financial services is a major customer-facing industry, and it’s one where leveraging proper engagement and communications channels is absolutely paramount. After all, finance concerns everyone, but it’s not something that everyone is well versed in. Having the helping hand of someone who knows what they’re talking about is key, whether it’s in a conversation about […]


How Chain Stores Can Transform Location and Business Data into Enhanced Insight

by Gary Faitler |May 12, 2016|No Comments

Shoes on Shelf

Location is everything for chain retailers. In addition to selling a quality product, the success of a chain hinges on a smart expansion strategy that utilizes a wealth of location and business data to determine market viability. Factors such as retaining sales at existing locations and proximity to competitors are only a sampling of the […]


Pitney Bowes at ACAMS: Combat Money Laundering with Data

by Richard Stocks |April 4, 2016|No Comments

sun tzu

Pitney Bowes is delighted to be considered a preeminent thought leader in financial crime prevention by the team at the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS). We are even more delighted that we get to share that thought leadership with you, the banks and the anti-money laundering (AML) professionals that fight the good fight, […]


4 Ways Healthcare Payers Can Power Member Engagement

by Jeremy Harpham |February 24, 2015|No Comments


As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve fueled by regulatory change in the U.S., stakeholders must adapt quickly to develop new ways to expand their market share and retain their existing memberships. Many payers and providers alike are looking for better ways to harness their member data, whether that’s through new communication technologies or analytics […]


How Location Intelligence is Reshaping Three Different Industries

by Lorena Hathaway |November 10, 2014|No Comments

Location Intelligence Insurance Public Sector

Over the past few years, the use of geospatial data for consumer applications has boomed. People now wear watches that track their running routes, use navigation devices in their cars for directions, and check their phones to locate everything from nearby restaurants to doctor’s offices and pharmacies. Increasingly, enterprises are getting in on the action, […]


How One Bank Used Market Analytics Tools to Increase Retail Sales by 73 Percent

by Hal Hopson |October 15, 2014|No Comments


For financial institutions and banks, sales are occurring through more channels than ever before. Despite this, the bank branch remains a primary source of new customer acquisition and cross-sell. And for high performing regional banks, the branch plays an especially important role. Realizing this, one large Midwestern bank hoped to modify its sales performance strategies better […]