The Data Age and Scarcity of Information

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Summary of Pitney Bowes-sponsored #PowerofPrecisionChat with experts James Buckley, Jay Baer and Brian Moran on May 6, 2015 live from the SapphireNow Conference in Orlando, Fla


How Location Intelligence Transforms Big Data Into Big Insight

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Location Intelligence Big Data

Anytime a new business trend – the next “next big thing” – reaches ubiquity, there’s bound to be a backlash. Eventually, critics will label it a dreaded “buzzword” and dismiss the trend as overhyped and underperforming. The backlash against big data started years ago, and the drum beat has continued steadily since then. But, big data […]


Behold the Power of Precision at SAPPHIRE NOW

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Location Technology

Did you know that your data warehouses contain location information? Nearly 80 percent of all data from sales, tax records and wireless transactions can be geographically-referenced. New digital data streaming from the Web, social media and virtual “check-ins” a well as tweets and Yelp searches are all “geotagged.” It’s clear that with this increased volume of data […]


Location Intelligence Unlocks Big Data’s Potential Through Data Visualization

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Location Intelligence Unlocks Big Data's Potential Through Data Visualization

Say you’re an insurance underwriter that needs to run a risk assessment on your chemical industry clients. What if, with one software solution, you could segment your entire database of 10 million customers and query on only the chemical companies that operate in high-crime areas? This type of insight would allow you to locate clients […]


Creating the Eureka Moment Through Location Intelligence

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Location Intelligence Eureka Moment

In the time it will take you to read through this introduction, more than 2.5 billion pieces of consumer-generated data will be created both on and offline. Of this data, roughly 80 percent will have some form of spatial component to it. For most, where they once had no data, they are now drowning in […]


See How You Can Work Smarter, Not Harder, With Pitney Bowes’ MapInfo Pro

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mapping and geographic analysis application

Pitney Bowes’ MapInfo Pro is a powerful mapping and geographic analysis application that is making mapping in the business world simpler. Using a more intuitive, user friendly design, business analysts and GIS professionals alike can better visualize the relationships between data and geography, and with over 80 percent of data containing a location component, it […]


4 Things That Make GIS Software Productive and User-Friendly

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Location Intelligence GIS Software

The possibilities for GIS software are exciting and largely unexplored. Insurance companies can have more accurate, granular views of risk. Retail can plan new store openings or inventory depending on local shopping patterns. Or financial institutions can empower apps with location intelligence that can offer customers local deals. But traditionally, GIS software hasn’t been for […]