London Office Open Invitation

by mbishop |April 24, 2009|No Comments

If you ever find yourself in London with a spare few hours (even 20 minutes to kill) feel free to drop into the London City office for a chat. Drop us a line in advance with a couple of days notice if possible. We are always delighted to talk about all things Spatial and Geoweb, […]



by mbishop |April 22, 2009|No Comments

INMOTION 2009 the UK housing event of the year takes place in Warkwickshire next week. I’m sure its not too late to register. If you are going be sure to check out the PBBI Stand as amongst other sweet technology Stratus Connect is on show and it doesn’t half look good on a Plasma.


Friday Afternoon Screenshots

by mbishop |April 17, 2009|No Comments

Our technical engineers are up and running with Connect and here Rob Salmond has provided a couple more screenhsots. This follows on nicely from Chris’s recent tweet on Crime Profiler. If you are from Reading, or indeed intend to visit Reading – please note that all of the data here is entirely fictitious. Everybody loves […]


For more product info…

by cmccartney |April 15, 2009|No Comments

You might have noticed that in our “Blog Roll” on the right hand side there is reference to a “Location Intelligence” blog. Well they are up and running now, and beginning to post. Want to see some prototypes of our Web services platform being called over to an iPhone application? Or maybe you want to […]


Mapping on the iPhone

by jwinslow |April 13, 2009|No Comments

Here’s something cool. One of our colleagues decided recently to build a proof of concept showing how Pitney Bowes Business Insight’s mapping software can be used with an Apple iPhone. In this case, the maps are being accessed via the web and returned to the iPhone, which has a simple client to catch the data. […]


100 Days

by jwinslow |April 8, 2009|No Comments

Internally here at Pitney Bowes Business Insight, formerly MapInfo Corporation & Group 1 Software, we have been talking a lot about how important the next 100 days are for us. This spring and summer we are coming to market with several major enhancements to our GIS / Location-Intelligence portfolio, as well as an important new […]


LinkedIn Stratus Group

by mbishop |April 7, 2009|No Comments

The Stratus team have setup a new Stratus group at LinkedIn, unsurprisingly called PBBIStratus. Follow this link to join This provides further channel of communication. The blog is still the place to read news fresh from the labs, but through the wonder that is RSS all blog posts & tweet’s are replicated through to the […]