Stratus Blog Confirms the way forward…

by cmccartney |April 6, 2009|No Comments

We’ve had a lot of great feedback from you about the blog, and some of you have posted some comments which is great as we look to build up a community area around it. We also have talked a lot about the benefits of this forum internally so some of our colleagues have followed suit. […]


Connect – King of the (Virtual) Jungle?

by cmccartney |March 30, 2009|No Comments

Connect is out in the wild! As any Product Manager will tell you when you release version 1.0 of a new product there is a lot of pride in bringing something new to the customers and industry. However that pride (no matter how much preparation you do) is always coupled with a slight nervousness that […]


PlanAccess – Stratus Wayback Machine

by mbishop |March 26, 2009|No Comments

Many of you will have seen me make use the wayback machine to show how the web has eveolved over the years. A quick couple of examples – can you guess the years? The ONS Webiste early days The ONS today: Yahoo! – Early days: Yahoo! today There web has really move on… We see […]


Banned Council Terms

by mbishop |March 20, 2009|No Comments

According to this BBC article there is a list of 200 words which the Local Government Association says should not be used by councils. A bit worrying that the term spatial is on the list… Anyway here is a bit of blurb on Stratus, carefully crafted from banned terms Stratus is the ambassador for streamlined […]


Tweet tweet

by mbishop |March 11, 2009|No Comments

Earlier in the year I decided I would take a look at the latest hot “social notworking” site twitter. With the likes of Steven Fry among its avid fans, it must have something going for it. In some respects the jury is still out, although one of the free london magazines last week had a […]


GeoReveal – Web Mapping Made Easy

by mbishop |March 5, 2009|No Comments

I have stumbled upon an interesting Blog Post that describes how GeoReval can be used as a good publishing tool for thematics. The author does a good job of describing the capabilities. GeoReveal is available as a trial.


Technology for Marketing

by mbishop |February 26, 2009|No Comments

Chris and I spent a morning at the Technology for Marketing & Advertising event this week Interesting to see the new ways in which companies can interact with customers and providing better services. Lots of vendors showing how mail (electronic and traditional) can be better targeted with the use of data repositories. A distinct […]