Location Analytics That Cut Through the Noise: Join Pitney Bowes at the 2014 Location Intelligence Summit

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In the smartphone era, companies have access to an avalanche of location data with billions of geocodes coming through on a daily basis. Many companies are adept at capturing this data, but the question then becomes, what on earth does one do with it? In the 2014 Location Intelligence Summit, our experts will demonstrate that […]


GPS Accuracy and Insight Gets a Boost With Pitney Bowes’ Partnership with INRIX

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GPS Technology Location Intelligence

GPS technology has become a fixture in our everyday lives, offering quick access to relevant data when we are on the go. Since cars and smartphones come equipped with GPS systems, the days of arguing with our driving companions about the fastest route are long gone. Now consumers expect accuracy and real-time insight every time […]


MapHero Map Contest: There is still time to enter and win a Microsoft Surface 2 Tablet!

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Calling all map lovers: show us your skills! We are excited to kick off our #MapHero Map Contest and to crown three official “MapHeros.” We want to see how creative contestants can get with MapInfo Professional and our other Pitney Bowes software solutions. Whether it’s a map of the best ice cream parlors in your […]


Leverage GIS to Generate New Insights and Produce Location-Intelligent BI

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location-intelligent BI2

Imagine that today one of your executives comes to you and says that she or he wants a view of all customers by geography. What will you provide – an extract of your CRM system in the form of spreadsheet? How helpful is that? How does that help them answer the questions that they don’t yet […]


Advertising in a Popular Game, Does Not Mean Your Ad is Relevant or Context-Aware

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CMO Council Exec Blog Image 2

My oldest son decided that for his birthday he wanted to spend time with his closest friends and relax.  Ultimately, the family and I took him and his friends to a restaurant to eat, enjoy each other’s company and have a good time. During the few hours that he and his friends were together, you […]


Data, Data, Everywhere…

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Data Everywhere

“Data, Data Everywhere…” It can sometimes appear a little daunting to locate, understand and apply the good stuff… It’s an incredibly exciting time to be involved with data.  New and innovative collection, application and dissemination methods, influence our work, home and social lives.  I’m truly amazed by the pace of change and how it can affect […]


Business Intelligence and Location Intelligence: A Marriage of Necessity

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Clarence Hempfield Gartner Summits

Location intelligence has the potential to revolutionize enterprise business intelligence. Most businesses already collect data that has a location component, such as static addresses or dynamic real-time data like the flow of customers in a store. However, most businesses are failing to leverage location data to their best advantage. At present, location data helps businesses […]