USPS September 7th Changes Receive PRC Approval

by Janet Lockhart-Jones, Ed.D., MDC |August 18, 2014|No Comments

The U.S. Postal Regulatory Commission has approved the United States Postal Service’s® proposed changes to the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM®). This means that effective September 7, 2014, mailers will see changes in Priority Mail® pricing, and depending on the service selected, commercial mailers may see substantial commercial price decreases. That’s good news for Priority Mail® […]


Priority Mail price changes proposed for September 2014

by Janet Lockhart-Jones, Ed.D., MDC |July 1, 2014|No Comments

The United States Postal Service® today filed notice with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) to change Priority Mail® prices, including a reduction in prices on average for businesses and other customers who use Commercial Plus and Commercial Base online shipping services. The price changes, if approved, will include a modest increase for Priority Mail prices […]


Pitney Bowes helps online e-tailer Bluefly expand overseas

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            Article curated from: Crain’s New York Business, Matthew Flamm, Author Read the complete article on how Pitney Bowes is supporting Bluefly here:  


Got postage rate increase blues? Here are two quick ways to roll back postage prices!

by Janet Lockhart-Jones, Ed.D., MDC |January 22, 2014|No Comments

by Bruce Gresham, Product Manager, Pitney Bowes Presort Services Everyone in the mailing community is readying their postage meters – and wallets – for the January 26, 2014 U.S. Postal Service rate increases. The price of a full-rate First Class one-ounce stamped letter is increasing 6.5% from $.46 to $.49. Pitney Bowes meter clients have […]


Pitney Bowes Clients: Are you ready for Full-Service Intelligent Mail®?

by Janet Lockhart-Jones, Ed.D., MDC |October 28, 2013|No Comments

Effective January 26th, 2014, the USPS® will require all mail pieces claiming automation presort discounts to be ‘Full Service’ compliant. This deadline is less than 90 days away!  Check the countdown clock to the right to see how much time you have left. The mandate will affect all mailers participating in (or desiring to participate in) automation pricing for: First-Class® postcards; First-Class […]


Picture Permit Promotion – Registration opens June 1st – Pitney Bowes has solutions!

by Janet Lockhart-Jones, Ed.D., MDC |June 5, 2013|4 Comments

Picture Permit Promotion Registration opens June 1st, 2013 The Postal Service worked with the mailing industry to identify and develop marketing tools which will enhance the value of mail and provide opportunities for volume growth. The development of the Picture Permit Imprint Indicia (Picture Permit) is one such initiative; creating an opportunity for mailers to […]


A Path to Full Service IMb™ compliance with SmartMailer™ and AddressRight®Pro

by Janet Lockhart-Jones, Ed.D., MDC |May 2, 2013|14 Comments

OVERVIEW There are a number of steps that must be taken before a mailer can produce Full Service mailings. The process can take several weeks so mailers are encouraged to begin as soon as possible. By transitioning sooner rather than later, mailers will be able to take advantage of the additional Full Service discount, free […]